Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Retrieval – Done for now.

Well, I’ve taken the retrieval ship as far as I want to go for now. The textures can use a little more tweaking and I still need to build a cockpit interior, landing gear, and ramps, but that will have to be something I work on when I’m a little less sick of it:) Here’s some renders of the model in a scene with some lighting. I managed to get Blender’s focal blur working and these are some of the best looking renders I’ve ever made.

I like to highlight other Roughnecks 3d modelling I see online so I will point you to Kevman3d’s T-101 Marauder Duck. Would love to have that model.

Also, if you use 3ds max, here is an arachnid model I found that you could download. I converted the model and imported it into Blender, but all the pieces were out of whack and it was looking like it might be impossible to get it fixed. It did look like a good model, though. Be sure to thank the author if you use it. You can see his e-mail in the mesh of the model itself ( kotov@gmx.de

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