Thursday, May 13, 2010

Dropship 5-12-10

The next model will be the Dropship from Roughnecks:

I started this project a while back, and decided I’ll jump back into it now that the Retrieval Ship is done. The only problem is that the reference material I have for the Dropship is nowhere near as good as what I had for the retrieval ship. I like having blueprints to work from. So, I started out by making some, sort of. I made lots of dvd screen captures, trying to get every angle of the ship that I could find. I managed to find a few good side shots and using them as background images in Blender and switching back and forth between them, I drew out the side view of the ship.

I gave these lines a black material, made them shadeless, and set the material to render the wireframe. I set the world color to white, aimed a camera at it, set the camera setting to ortho to get rid of any perspective and was able to get a rendering like this:

As you can see, in the top picture I have a halfway decent front view, and I’m taking the side view pixels and moving them over to start adding three dimensions. So far I have part of the front end well on the way:

The bottom part of the nose has been a little frustrating. The guns cover up a lot of what is going on behind them, so I’ve been having a hard time figuring out what it’s supposed to look like back there. I can tell you, after studying this ship waaaaay to closely, there are variations of it throughout the series. The original model has some differences in the front of the cargo hold and the engines collide with it when they swing in. Later versions have this part of the cargo hold modified to make room for the engines. See pic at top and then this one:

So, which version should I be sticking to? I think I'll go with the modified one when I get to that point.

I found another guy who likes making models from the SST universe. His stuff is made for games, so they are low poly, but when you check out the screenshots you'll see that he is really very good. Check out his work at the website for the game mod he's working on here.

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