Thursday, May 27, 2010

Dropship 5-26-10

The work on the model continues. Learning a lot of new tricks with Blender all the time. I’ve been working on the nose gun set up. I’ve been trying to keep the whole ship low poly, at least on the first pass through, but once I got to those guns, I’m starting to have to get more detailed to make them look right. There's been a lot of teeth grinding with those guns, because it's very hard to tell how they are put together from the pictures I have of the original model. BTW, be sure to check out Fil Barlow's original design for the dropship on this page at TrooperPX’s Starship Troopers Reference Site. It would be fun to model that aas some kind of a variant version. Or maybe as a med evac ship. I always thought the Trooperverse needed one. If you look around on TrooperPX’s site you’ll find some rejected dropship designs also. Anyway, I’ve also worked on the pieces that sit on top of the cargo bay and cleaned up some of the geometry in the cockpit, getting rid of triangles and some unnecessary faces.

Here’s an old render I did of a Tanker Bug model I made a long time ago.

I need to rebuild that model. It's poly bloated and has about a million things wrong with it.

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