Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Retrieval WIP 4-27-10

As you can see, work has continued on the textures. UV mapped the entire back end of the model and got a lot of work done back there. Also got around to dirtying up the intake grills up front. Found a rocket exhaust model online and added it to the ships engines. Messed around with the colors a little to make it more like in the show, and added some small lamps to each engine so the flames would actually cast light on the model. I like how it looks. I found the model for the exhaust here.

Here are a few screenshots of my progress:

And, like last time, here's a couple screenshots of one of my other models, the Morita Assault Rifle, the standard gun from Roughnecks. I never finshed texturing this model, and I've learned so much since I made it that I think I'll just have to start over on it sometime.

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