Thursday, April 22, 2010

Retrieval WIP 4-21-10

I should note here that making this model would have been far more of a pain if I hadn’t found lots of reference material for it, including blueprints, from John Mcginley’s website. John worked on Roughnecks and had lots of great stuff on his site before it disappeared from the web.

So, I finished the rivets on the cargo bay, then I worked on the smoke and shmootz on both the cargo bay and the cockpit. Added numbers to the cargo bay, and made a SICON symbol for it, too. The SICON symbol is just kind a screwy version of the United Nations symbol, so I found a high res version of that and modified it. I made some WWII style art using a Dave Stevens Bettie Page picture, but it doesn’t look right to me, so I’ll probably take it back out. I UV mapped the cargo bay doors and got the chipping and scratching done on them.

retrieval 4-21-10 01

retrieval 4-21-10 02

retrieval 4-21-10 03

If you are looking for some Starship Troopers models, there aren’t as many available on the web as there used to be. You can still find the Warrior Bug at Sci-fi 3d and I found a model of the series Morita on a forum.

They’re all gone now, but over the years I managed to find the Fleet and MI rifles from the movie, the Tac Fighter from the movie, the movie Dropship, Rodger Young, and the Athena from the movie, the barracks and gun towers from the series.

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