Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Retrieval Ship WIP 2

Started texturing the cargo hold of the retrieval ship and it went quicker than I thought it would. Got the paint chipped and scraped like I wanted it and got most of the rivets done.

I create the rivets in Blender. In a separate blender file I load up the unwrapped template for whatever part I’m texturing as a background image (view – background image). Over this I lay out lines of vertices, spacing them where I want the riveted panels to be. I line these lines up with the lines of the model and then subdivide the vertices until they are spaced as far apart as I want the rivets to be. I make the world settings completely black, then I give the vertices a material with a halo so that they will glow white when they are rendered. I point a camera at them,  then I go into camera settings and click the orthographic button to get rid of perspective. I switch to camera view (numpad 0) and make sure the vertices line up with the template. In the render settings I turn of OSA, so the vertices will render as nice clean squares with minimal anti-aliasing. I render as a targa, for better quality. I load that targa into photoshop, us Image – Adjust – Invert to invert the black and white. Then I save as a jpg, which I load into blender on the original model as a bump map.


Anyway, here are some shots of the progress I’ve made texturing the model.

rs 4-20-10 01

rs 4-20-10 02

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