Friday, January 14, 2011


After I finished the Marauder I thought I would give building a bug another shot. I’ve tried building arachnids many times over the years since I started using blender, each time with less than spectacular results. One of my big glaring weak spots is organic modeling. This time I spent a week or so trying to get something good going before I gave up on it. I did learn a lot from the experiment, though, added a bunch more tricks to my repertoire. I managed to get some interesting things going in the model, but nothing close enough to the original to encourage me to keep going. Below is a screenshot of where I stopped.

In the center is a reference pic of the original warrior bug from the TV series (downloaded from here). I can’t tell if a lot of the detail that I am trying to model is actually a result of textures. It seems like modeling it would require far more polys than they would have likely have used. Anyway, I moved on to another project, this time the Skimmer from the TV show. Here’s a reference pic I downloaded from John McGinley's old website before it went belly up.

Here's my progress so far:

The work is going slow. I feel like I spent 98% of the time doing things that I will have to undo and redo. Progress is being made though, and I feel like I can get there from here.

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